I want Apple TV for Android

“I have a lot of photographs and videos on my Android device and I would love to be able to view them on my television. I know that Apple allows this for its iPhones and iPads using Apple TV but is there a way of doing this on Android? I am using a Nexus 7 tablet.” Paul Toye, via email

There is no specific equivalent of Apple TV – you cannot walk into a shop and grab an Android TV device and stream to that, for instance. But that is not to say streaming is impossible. Far from it. One of the best apps for this purpose is iMediaShare which you can get for free from Google Play.

All you need is a smart television that is connected to Wi-Fi. Alternatively you can use a Blu-ray player, audio system or a game console and connect it to your home wireless network.

Go to the media that you wish to share, for example, if you have a photograph that you want to display on your TV, go to the Gallery app. In the share options at the top of the screen you will see iMediaShare. Select this and it will look for your TV or a compatible media player that you can use.

Now you should be able to play your images or videos on your screen. Your Android phone begins to act like a remote control at this point as well, so you can showcase your media without having to fiddle with a game pad or a remote control as well. Not every video works but it’s worth a try.

As well as being able to display your own videos and photos, you will also see a host of curated channels ranging from Facebook to CNN but we are more concerned with locally stored items. Play around with the app and we’re sure you’ll soon figure it out.