Rerouting PDFs to another app

“I tried to open a PDF file on my Nexus 7 and I accidentally chose to do this via my Kindle app. This has created a problem because now every time I try to open that PDF, it opens in Kindle. I would rather have it available for editing.” Simon Booth, via email

This problem sounds like it has arisen because instead of opening the PDF in your Kindle app ‘just once’ when you were prompted as to how you wanted to view it, you made it a permanent choice so that now every time you want to open the PDF, Android will delve into its history and always associate it with needing to be opened in the Kindle app.

The option over whether or not to have a certain document open in a particular app once, or always, can be useful if you know that you always want to associate it with the one app. That way, it will speed up subsequent openings.

Thankfully the answer to your problem is quite simple. By going to your Settings and then locating the app manager, you can select the app that is causing the issue – in this case Kindle – and then select Clear defaults.

Now when you go to your email, you will be able to choose whether you want to open the PDF in the Kindle app just once, or always, and this time you should choose the former.

And if you want to open it in a different app, such as an office suite, then select another app, but maybe, again, choose just once if you feel you want to retain some flexibility.