Best free apps for Google Chromecast

We all know Google's Chromecast supports a handful of great apps, including Netfl ix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Vevo, Plex, Rdio and BT Sport, and that you can enjoy movies and music bought through Google or stored on your device or network via the streaming dongle

But what about the apps you don't know about? More than 250 apps support Chromecast streaming; here's our pick of some great freeChromecast apps for Android on which you're most likely missing out.

Cast Store for Chromecast

Tap the Discover Apps tab in Google's own Chromecast app and you'd be forgiven for thinking only 11 apps are supported. That's way o . One way to fi nd great new apps for Chromecast is to simply run a 'Chromecast' search within Google Play or the App Store; another is to download an app dedicated to the very task at which Google is failing miserably – drawing attention to great new Chromecast apps.

Cast Store for Chromecast is a free aggregator of Chromecast Android apps. It lets you quickly fi lter those available by News, Apps and Games, highlights an app of the week, lets you check those highest rated by other users, and it lists all new releases since your last visit. It is by far the easiest way to fi nd new Chromecast apps worth installing on your Android smartphone or tablet. Just click to install an app and Cast Store will take you straight to the Google Play store, alleviating any worries you might have had over downloading content from unknown sources.

Doodlecast for Chromecast

Doodlecast in essence turns the TV in your living room into a digital platform on which you can play Pictionary, with no need to fi nd a scrap of paper or a working pen (who uses those anymore anyway?). It's a bit like that one-time app phenomenon Draw Something, allowing you to compete with other Android users as you each take it in turn to either draw something or guess what is that something, but it puts your artwork on the big screen for all the family to admire/ridicule/guess what is that peculiar object that really isn't as rude as it looks.

Doodlecast requires two or more Android devices, with one as the drawing pad and the other used to best-guess the answer. With a smartphone and a tablet to hand we managed to have a great game even without multiple players – and we won every time. If you just want to draw pretty pictures on your TV, try Castpad for Chromecast. Alternatively, if you're loving the whole big-screen family entertainment concept, also have a look at Trivia Cast.

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