More free apps for Google Chromecast

CameraCast for Chromecast

We like Google's Photowall for Android and iOS, which lets anyone connected to your home Wi-Fi network send to your TV screen photos taken on their phone, tablet or PC. The resulting interactive wall of photos can even be saved to a video fi le. But CameraCast for Chromecast o ers a slightly di erent take on the slideshow concept for those with Android devices.

It, too, lets you instantly beam the photos taken by your device's camera to your TV screen, and it supports the feeds of multiple devices. But in unlocking the app CameraCast becomes far more useful, allowing you to trigger an auto-shutter that captures and sends to your TV pictures taken at set intervals (this will drain the battery, though, so you'll want to keep your device plugged in). We don't know of many home CCTV systems that cost just £1.21 (okay, plus the cost of your tablet/smartphone, TV and Chromecast dongle, but you already have those).

Up Down Fish

If you like Flappy Bird, you'll love Up Down Fish, which is also available for iOS. This clone follows a similar concept, with you tapping a large onscreen Swim button on your phone or tablet to manoeuvre a fi sh through tiny gaps in large pillars. Except those tiny gaps appear much larger on your TV screen – even if half the screen is consumed by the game's leaderboard.

Performance isn't exactly what consoles might have led you to expect from gaming on the big screen, but the jagged graphics and jerky frames take little away from Up Down Fish's appeal. Truth be told, the most di cult task was trying to capture the above photo on a 10in tablet while playing Up Down Fish on a smartphone. (You can probably tell.)

If you enjoy playing games on your TV via Chromecast, be sure to also check out GamingCast (85p gets you Snake, Pong and other classics), TicTacToe (aka Naughts and Crosses, free) and Hangman (also free). All the Chromecast games we've seen so far support multiplayer modes, which makes them ideal for playing in the living room.

EduKids for Chromecast

EduKids for Chromecast is the app to which you should turn when your child has not only run o with your Android tablet, but begun eyeing up that tiny black gadget sticking out the TV's HDMI port. It's still in beta, but you can be pretty sure your child will understand the implications of this – is there anything they don't know?

Just to make sure, EduKids is here to educate them on several of life's most important lessons, one of which is the noises animals make when they're pissed at you and about to rip o your head. (Just joking.) The TV plays a sound, and the child must then tap the relevant animal image from the selection shown onscreen.

And that's not always as easy as it sounds, especially when you're shown, for example, four pictures of birds and must decide which one goes 'squawk'. If only EduKids would also tell you what that animal is called we might be on to something here. Let's hope the kids don't come asking the nearest adult for the answer.

Other lessons include pointing out which image in a pair represents a given term, such as 'square' or 'white' or 'curved' or 'straight'. Sometimes EduKids tries to catch you out by showing you the same pair of images but changing the term. And it works.

What other apps can I download?

Other free Chromecast apps you might like to try include Chrome Beta (or full Google Chrome on a desktop), which mirrors your browser window on the TV, plus BubbleUPnP, which lets you stream to and access multimedia on various other devices, including DLNA TVs, consoles, hifi systems and, of course, Chromecast. More are appearing every day.

Best free apps for Google Chromecast