Android Flash Player 10 Facts

10 things you need to know about...Flash
Source : Android.Magazine.UK.Issue.22.2013

1 Streaming with Flash
Flash is one of the best ways to stream content on your tablet, and is used within a variety of browsers and apps. It’s remarkably fast at buffering content, and provides a smooth browsing experience.

2 Hacking
Another way to get a version of Flash on your device is by doing some basic hacking. There are a plethora of Flashbased ROMs out there, as well as a selection of alternatives that perform exactly the same function.

3 New updates everywhere
Older devices, and many budget tablets, come with the Flash Player preinstalled on it, and many current users will still have access to the Flash Player. Adobe has promised regular updates for those lucky to have it already on their device.

4 Pulled from Play store
Adobe decided to pull the app for its Flash Player on the Google Play store a while ago now, with the main reason being a range of unpredictable compatibility issues that affected plenty of devices with the Jelly Bean OS update.

5 Use a Flash browser
By digging a little deeper in to the app section on the Google Play store you’ll be able to fi nd a whole host of Adobe Flash-equipped browsers. One of the best ones to use is the Skyfi re Browser that includes full Flash capabilities alongside a solid browsing experience.

6 Explore browser add-ons
One of the unique ways you can access Flash-based content on the web is by sourcing an add-on for a mobile browser that enables it to act as a desktop one. Phony for Firefox turns your mobile browser in to the desktop version, letting you view and interact with Flash content.

7 Security issues
Even before Flash’s transition onto mobile it suffered a wide variety of security issues. Most of these problems have been eradicated from the mobile version, but be sure to have a spyware detector installed just in case.

8 Audio
A common issue when trying to play a Flash game or video is the lack of sound. For the most part, the problem can be simply resolved by restarting the browser or video, but in some cases you’ll need to download an equalizer app.

9 Start side loading
The APK fi le of the Flash Player can be downloaded from several places across the web, enabling you to side load the fi le directly on to your phone or tablet. Once added, it’s easy enough to install and start using without any hassle. Whenever you start side loading on your device, make sure you only download from a trusted source.

10 Flash versus HTML5
Flash and HTML have long been at loggerheads over plug-in dominance, but with compatibility issues, and a lack of support from the iOS platform, Flash is strongly considered second best to HTML5.