Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories

The best way to get the most from your Samsung Galaxy S4 and really make it your own is to pick up some accessories that complement your new super-phone. There are a lot of options out there, and if you have a hard time making heads or tails of your choices, this is for you.

Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories

This official heart rate monitor straps around
your chest while you’re out running and the
corresponding app will track your health
and fitness as you progress.
Body Scale
Another S Health related accessory.
The Body Scale is a set of bathroom scales
that Bluetooths your weight to the S4,
plotting it in the S Health app.

Wireless charging pad
No cutting edge device is complete
without wireless charging capability.
Simply rest your S4 on the pad
when not in use and it will be
fully charged when you need it.

Griffin Reveal 
A one-piece shell that adds less
than 2mm to the thickness of your device.
With rubberised edges it helps to protect
the phone from the impact of drops and falls.

This Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories article is taken from :
Android Magazine UK - Issue 24. 2013