Comic Reading Experience to Android device

Who needs an eReader when you’ve got ComicRack? ComicRack brings the comic book reading experience to the comfort of your Android device.

Let’s face it, your Android device wasn’t made for reading comics. Fortunately, this brilliant app optimises your Android device so you can enjoy your favourite comics while you’re on the go. The app is fully integrated with its PC counterpart, ComicRack for Windows. You can sync up via USB or Wi-Fi to keep track of your bookmarks and vast comic collection. ComicRack supports all eComic formats, including PDFs and WebComics, so you’ll never lose track of another of Spider-Man’s web-slinging adventures again. ComicRack has a slew of extra features for your enjoyment. Live Wallpaper dresses up your home screen with covers from your favourite comics, for example.

The app also includes a widget, so you can view your comic library from the convenience of your home screen. If you’re a serious comic book fan the paid version is worth every penny. It’s ad free and enables you to sync up via Wi-Fi. However, try the free version fi rst.