GOCLEVER Fone 570Q, Big Phone With a Small Price

If you’ve fancied getting in on the phablet action but fi nd the Galaxy Note II a bit too rich for your tastes, then GOCLEVER has the answer. The Fone 570Q is basically a clone of the Note – near identical shape and design, same home button, it has the back button on the right instead of left, and even the water-drop sound effect when you turn the screen on and off seems Samsung-inspired. It’s less refi ned, though. It is thicker and noticeably heavier, and while it does come with a stylus stored in a silo, it’s a dumb stylus with none of the fancy tricks Samsung has packed into its S Pen.

GOCLEVER is a European company making devices manufactured in China, and in the Fone 570Q has put together a well specced device at a good price. The build is all plastic but its heft gives it a solid feel. The button and port placement sees everything in the right place, including the power button beneath your right thumb.

The display is 720p, so acceptably crisp, but it’s not overly bright (especially on auto-brightness) and extremely refl ective, so not ideally suited to outdoor use. There’s a noticeable air-gap between the front glass and the display panel itself, giving it the look of devices from previous generations.

The software is largely stock Android 4.2 with a few rough edges, such as a crazily exaggerated bounce-back effect whenever you scroll to the end of a list. An apparently random set of extra apps has been pre-installed – you get both the Documents To Go Viewer app and the free Kingsoft Offi ce for some reason – while some of the standard Google apps are absent. Fortunately this can be rectifi ed, as most of the junkware can be easily removed, and the Google apps can be downloaded separately from the Play store.

Performance for most tasks was fi ne. The phone is powered by a quad-core processor clocked at 1.2GHz, and it is smooth and responsive for everyday tasks, though this still is not a high-end gaming machine. There is support for two regular sized SIMs, plus a micro SD card (which you’ll need sharpish), all located beneath the battery cover. Onboard storage is extremely limited, with just around 1GB for apps and 1.5GB for other data. GPS performance was poor, taking far longer to get a fi x than we would expect on any other device and not managing to at all indoors.

Overall there’s little in the Fone 570Q to get excited about. It’s a big phone with a small price, and if that is your main priority then go ahead. But with uninspiring design, a mediocre screen and some performance issues, be sure to keep your expectations in check.